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Simply Irresistible: The Kitchen Front, a novel by Jennifer Ryan

I'm incredibly excited to announce that my tantalizing new novel, The Kitchen Front, is coming out on February 23rd next year, 2021. It is a fun, fascinating tale of a cooking contest, using only rationed food in Second World War Britain.

Four different women cooks battle through three tests: starter, main course, and dessert, with the winner set to become the first female co-host of the BBC radio show, The Kitchen Front. For young widow Audrey, it’s an escape from a life in debt, battling to keep a roof over her children’s heads. For kitchen maid Nell, it is her one chance to find freedom from servitude. Lady Gwendoline, a wealthy manufacturer’s wife, is gripped by hopes of escaping her abusive husband. A trained head chef, Zelda needs to prove herself in a profession dominated by men, while also dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

Drama, loss, and plenty of friendship, heartbreak, and love make up this delectable book, notwithstanding the fascinating food tips and real Second World War recipes.

Here is the fabulous new cover, for which I have to thank the wonderful design team at Ballantine Books. I think this one is going to be flying off the shelves, a real treat for a cozy evening by the fire or to enjoy with book clubs.

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