Book Clubs

I love my own book group here in DC, and after so many years working on my own behind my desk, I can hardly wait for my books to be shared and discussed in book clubs everywhere.

I would love to join you, if I can, by Zoom or GoogleMeet, to discuss the book, as well as go off on all of those tangents that books make you think about—the way that friends come together to help you when you're in trouble, the way the war affected people's lives, the way that injury and death makes us rethink the way we live our lives.


As I write my novels, such a lot of pieces of research, stories of people's lives, small memories come together, and I’d love to share some of those moments.

If you’d like to include me in your discussion, please contact me ahead of time to make sure I’m free.

Thank you, and have a wonderful book club event!

Book Clubs

Download a PDF of our Book Club Kits here.

They contain Questions, the Inspiration behind the book, and Recipes, too!

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