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Midsummer Newsletter

Dear friends and readers,

I hope that you're in good heart and health during these troubled times. For me, it is offering a peaceful time for contemplation, feeling fortunate for my family and friends, and as always, delving into research and writing. I hope that you, too, are finding a quiet time to read.

A massive thank you for embracing my second novel, The Spies of Shilling Lane, which is coming out in paperback today. I was blown over by the wonderful reviews it had in the New York Times Review, NPR, and Publishers Weekly, among others. Please spread the word if you enjoyed it, especially to book clubs.

Speaking of book clubs, I love to join meetings and have been busy skyping and zooming into meetings as usual. It's so wonderful to see how we're carrying on reading and talking about books regardless--sometimes even more so! If you'd like me to join you for your meeting, do go to my website and send a message: I love to meet my readers, and we always have such a fun, fascinating discussion.

Some of you have been asking about my next novel, and I'm thrilled to say it is finished, due to come out early next year. I'll start sharing more on my website, facebook, and instagram pages very soon. 

I wish you health and a peaceful time to read, and thank you for believing in the written word. 


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